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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Never Thought I Would See This...

Who have I become? I am in a bidding war on eBay right now with a potential nemesis over what better be less than $50.00, for a Banana Republic, leather bag! I need to get a life... Now, back to see what's going on.

Ok, I'm back and IT-IS-ON....Chick from Long Island, or husband,boyfriend...or whatever you are!
Why do I feel so entitled to this? This is the way auctioning is set up. The rules apply to me as well. It's merely a material thing- that I happen to want at a very low price.
This is what I am reduced to for hitting the 'BROWSE' button? Then typing in 'HANDBAGS'? Click 'WATCHING NOW'? Then, 'BID NOW'?  I's ridiculous. But do you know what this bag would sell for, Retail?

I see how you're going to be Long Island....I bet you have too many handbags already. Sure. Unlimited time to spend on searching and bidding for items that you truly don't need.  I don't have that kind of time!
Come on! With your persistence, there's a nice Omega watch you could get for under $100.00 if you jump over to that now.

Why this purse? Shouldn't you and your other handbags be determing which one you will use next? Or getting ready for a nice Valentine's Day dinner? Aren't you hungry right now?  Go open a bottle of wine and forget about this purse for the next hour and twenty, uh thirty minutes. It's ok. You and your aggressive, clicking, bidding finger just sit..waiting... for the laaast minute to attack...I mean, bid.
You know, this could qualify as a competitive sport! Ughhh, now I am stuck here to fight it out.  Sorry kids, get yourselves a Pop-Tart!  (the organic with whole grains, of course.) Shame is already hunting me down.

Did I say I need to get a life? Ok, maybe a therapist too.

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  1. I won! Ok- I spent a little more than I wanted, but only twenty dollars. If I look at it like I was sitting at a Slot Machine in a Casino, the damage was minimal.