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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love and Pain

Author and friend, Stephanie Goddard posted this quote on Facebook today:

"We can’t evolve without love, which necessitates opening ourselves up to the possibility of pain."
~Steven Forrest

My response:
Perfect post for today, Steph. So true.

The thought of taking even a mild risk of exposing a part of ourselves can be debilitating and scary, but so necessary to grow and feel confident.
I think we take a risk (a healthy one), by opening ourselves up. A good place to practice this can be on here, FB, as well as other social sites. Participating may encourage others to do so, and may truly help others who didn't know how to help themselves before. By just taking subtle steps- sharing a thought, joining a thread with just a comment; Sharing animals or gifts ( humm...maybe if I stop feeding my children, I can find time for a functioning farm ; )

With this, we have to keep in mind, that when we over-analyze something we've said or done, to try and remember what Steph quoted yesterday from Byron Katie, "It is not our responsibility to worry about what others think."
With a little, or alot of painful practice, we can filter and balance this and all roads lead to good.
Being the impulsive queen of throwing myself out there, I should know!!!

Cheers to Steph- Opening up can be so edifying."


  1. Well said, Libby. Blogging brings about many emotions for the writer, and seeing another's perspective only justifies my own mind, which always seems to be going a mile a minute.

    So happy to have found a fellow blogger, reader, and friend on Goodreads. :)


  2. I just saw this, Kristi! Thanks for your comment. I look forward to getting to know you!