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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday...Fat Mouth. Mine

On Twitter today:

@jaelithe:   "BTW did I ever tell you I'm half Catholic? I got the Mardi Gras half. But not the Lent half."
Me: Oh, that's good- Meee toooo!

Me:  I never could make it through Lent w/ impossible sacrifices like giving up wine or chocolate. Then experience the temporary guilt for giving up licking envelopes? Cheers!
Twisted...self-seeking, I know.

Me:  Word of the day for me: "Abnegate" - to renounce, deny. ehh...I do that. often. I just have a new word for it now.

Me:  Uh oh...I didn't in any way mean to infer that I am "abnegating" Lent. Nothing official; I don't qualify. No ex-communication needed here...

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