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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Shadow of the 42nd Birthday....

Well, it's my first time to blog on my own site.

It's 2 days after my 42nd birthday and I think I am finally back to what is likely my natural haircolor- a very dull shade of brown. I haven't known the actual color in about 20 years. Hey, no gray! I am shocked! After what these three kids, my husband and this neurotic schnauzer have put me through? It's amazing I'm sane enough to even notice.

I need to make a note to myself to schedule a hearing test. We were just driving by some property with horses; it's raining out and my nine year old daughter, Anna, was expressing concern about the horses getting wet. From the backseat ( of course ), she asked me a question and it sounded like, "Mom, did Pop-Pop (my dad) grow up in a barn?

WHAT? yikes....I know I mentioned he came from modest means and earned a football scholorship to the University of Vermont without a Meal account, etc. But BARN?

What she actually asked: Did Pop-Pop grow up near a "FARM"?

Oh...yes, N.J... near farms. Don't hit that curb, Libby. I could never live down hitting our neighbor's horse. Get eyes checked too.

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